Human Collapse Syndrome (2017)


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Released in 333xCD copies on Discouraged Records.


released May 15, 2017

Written and preformed by Grid in the summer of 2016
Rec/mix/master - Max Malmer @ Malmer Productions
Cover art by Olof Röckner


all rights reserved



GRID Umeå, Sweden

Grindcore band from Umeå, Sweden. We started to make music in June 2014.

Andreas - Guitar and high vocals
Frongo - Drums and low vocals
Kaka - Bass

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Track Name: Shackled
A Thousand years of slaughter
A thousand years of pain
In your holy name
Bow your head for God

False promises of peace
From your book of lies
You've been lead a side
In his endless game

A Thousand years of slaughter
A thousand years of pain
In your holy name
Bow your head for God

Agree to serve
Even in death
Shackled you from birth
Watch you as you crawl
Track Name: Sluta Gråt, Spela Snabbare!
Posera och agera politiskt korrekt
En lite jävla skara stryper långsamt sig själv

Sluta gråt, spela snabbare!

Alldeles för true, drar allt över en kam
Perfektion är allt som passar
Smuts är inte ballt
Track Name: Human Collapse Syndrome
Look around you on your high perch
You're all the same filth and cancer
Humanity means nothing to me
Murder the rich, slaughter the poor
We will all end up in the same damn hole
Track Name: Privilege The Poor
Philantropist to the core
Corrupted of the record
Privelege the poor
by taking more and more
Collect on guilt without being judged
because this is no fucking scam
Nothing to hide
No need to when it does seem legit
Lift your profit from others misery
Track Name: Debt
Buy thing you can never afford
With money you don't even have
To gain a place by people you should fucking hate
You waste of space

It's to late to save ourselves

Empty your pockets to fill the void
Bury your self-condemnation in debris without remorse
Track Name: Constant Defeat
Afraid of it all
Afraid to prove you are a fraud
Your deafening wall is crumbling now and ready to fall

Always constant defeat

Shepherd the fools
With propaganda to drag us down with you
You blame the system.
You might need a closer look.
Track Name: Fooled
Unspoken truth lies below the surface
No one dares to take a step with fear for their lives

We are being fooled

Slowly but surely the truth emerges
when the truth has taken hold
You'll be burnt at the stake

We are being fooled again and again
Track Name: Out Of Air
The world is being choked
Nothing will be as before
Species by species becomes deselected

Out of air
Out of space
This can not come as a shock

Comfort to death
Consume everything you whant
No one else cares so why should you?

Out of air
Out of space
This can not come as a shock

The hour has come
Soon we'll be wiped away
No one else cares so why should you?

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