Umeå Grindcore (2015)


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released May 23, 2015

Recorded at Musikforum's studio, Folkuniversitetet, Umeå Dec. /2014
Recording/Mix/Mastering by Karl Dagman and Grid
Artwork and Grid logo by Christine Boström


all rights reserved



GRID Umeå, Sweden

Grindcore band from Umeå, Sweden. We started to make music in June 2014.

Andreas - Guitar and high vocals
Frongo - Drums and low vocals
Kaka - Bass

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Track Name: Dead Hand
To secure retaliation
In absolute defeat

Dead hand
Dead hand

Last strike annihilation
No victor No defeat

(Lyrics: Andreas)
Track Name: Truth?
everyday truth

distorted values power to separate

everyday truth development is a lie

impossibility resistance you have no chance cus' no one cares

everyday truth equality be prevented

(Lyrics: Frongo)
Track Name: Fiction
Why do you live with the lies of the past?
All this fiction decieves to create so much hate
Turn through the pages of faith to find solace so fake
You will never be saved

Comforting words
For the weak in the herd
Fictitious words
Burns this world

Why cant you see what you worship is greed?
All this fictioin decieves to control your belief
You're better off six feet down on the ground¨
You will never be saved

(Lyrics: Andreas)
Track Name: UÅGC
Vi är känslan att trampa i skiten. Hatar rasism älskar öl. Ume grindcore tills vi dör!

Vi är Ume grindcore! Inte långsam hardcore! Vi spelar snabbare än er!

Vi nöter skitsystem och nasum. Verket är så jävla bra. Med grind försvarar vi vår stad!

(Lyrics: Wilke)
Track Name: Ni Super För Lite
Tittade på TV, det handlade om nazister
Jag blev så förbannad att jag öppnade en pilsner

Ni super för lite!

Svår och förbannad, gick jag till baren
När jag plötsligt insåg att jag var fullast i lokalen

Ni Super för lite!

(Lyrics: Wilke)
Track Name: Profit
a storm sweeping across the world there is no protection
for the little man in the new world order

making a profit on the weak!
use them, exploit them, extort them

hatred, anger and uncertainty the weak must escape
there are no plans for a change, but why?

(Lyrics: Frongo)
Track Name: Fuck The Fascists
(Lyrics: Wilke)

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